Rebuilding community in Europe, a manifesto for the European Parliament Election 25th May 2019

“Rebuilding community in Europe”

A manifesto for the European Parliament Election 25th May 2019


Inspired by the declaration of European Bishops statement “Rebuilding community in Europe”, Cana Movement and Catholic Voices Malta supported by the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Malta propose the following Manifesto of 12 guiding principles that Catholic voters should look for in selecting their preferred candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections. We also call on all citizens to engage in this important political process and exercise their discernment when voting for the 2019 European elections.

The European Parliament elections are not a local electoral contest but a European one. They should not be perceived as a vote of trust or distrust in a Party in Government or some Party in Opposition. Our vote will be cast for individual candidates, local political parties but also European political groups that will shape Europe’s values, policies and actions.

As citizens we are called to discern the extent to which:
•  the candidates we are voting for,
•  the local political party they will represent, and
•  the European political Group they will form part of
in their manifestos reflect the values and policies that we aspire to see shaping the European Union of tomorrow.

We are also encouraged not to fall into the temptation of inward looking partisanship, or to merely vote for a party without discerning the choice of the candidate. We elect individuals who will represent parties but more importantly, represent us and our values. We therefore encourage voters to exercise their rights and question candidates on these 12 important issues that will define their personal engagement at a European level once elected.
We are also obliged to look at the manifestos of the respective European Parliament Groupings and weigh their choices in line with the values and policies that we would like to see promoted.

Europe needs to rediscover its common identity and be protective of persons, families, and cultures, especially the poor and most vulnerable. We need MEPs that promote the founding values of the EU, committed towards human dignity for all, subsidiarity and active citizen engagement.

Families and demography need to be placed at the centre of mainstream European politics, especially young families. We need MEPs that promote and protect life from conception to its natural end, that address the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and foster a culture of integral ecology. We also need MEPs that work towards a renewed effort to find effective and shared solutions concerning migration, asylum, integration and demography.

Dr. Arthur Galea Salamone – Chairman Cana Movement, Tonio Fenech – Coordinator Catholic Voices Malta and Daniel Darmanin – President Commission for Justice and Peace


“Rebuilding community in Europe”
A manifesto for the European Parliament Election 25th May 2019

I embrace the following fundamental principles that will guide my actions and political decisions once elected to the European Parliament.

Human dignity for all

Human dignity is something that cannot be taken away. Each and every person has unconditional value, worthy of great respect and should be free from any form of slavery, manipulation and exploitation. I will promote options and policies that are shaped by the total respect of human dignity.


European institutions should take active steps to favour the personal and collective engagement of all citizens in a true, creative and respectful dialogue and endeavour not to impose unilateral decisions.

Common identity

The EU needs to rediscover its founding values, common identity and value of solidarity, as it seeks to revitalise the social links that exist in and amongst countries and peoples. I will work for an EU that is protective of the families, the most vulnerable and of cultures.

Unity in diversity

Unity in diversity implies common rules that account for legitimate protection and promotion of freedoms and liberties through democratic practices that exemplify accountability, transparency and a just application of the Rule of Law.

Dialogue with Churches and religious communities

In line with Article 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), I will work towards a more meaningful dialogue with Churches and religious communities.

Young families

Young Europeans need to feel reassured and supported to be in a condition to form a family. Family-friendly rules and practices should be developed at the EU level to accompany the integral human development of persons, families and communities. The well-being of the human family is linked with a Union that fosters a social market economy. The family should be the starting point from which working conditions are designed, to facilitate family time together and create the right balance between family and working life.


Demography needs to regain prominence in EU policy. The decrease of the European births rates need to be addressed through concrete measures to change current trends.

The right of parents to educate their children

I undertake to ensure that the EU provides the appropriate education for our children and youth. In all its programmes the EU should respect and promote the rights of parents to educate their children in conformity with their cultural, moral and religious traditions, in line with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Respecting life from conception to natural end

I pledge to respect the dignity of every human person, at all its stages, from conception to natural death. I will work towards encouraging policies and best practices that provide special care to all children, before and after birth, and to the mothers as well as foster care families and adoptive families. I pledge to oppose any European legislative attempts to impose abortion on any Member State and other countries.

Migration, asylum and integration

I will work toward a renewed effort to find effective and shared solutions concerning migration, asylum, integration and demography. Integration is a matter not only for people entering the EU, but also for EU citizens moving to a country other than their own. While appreciative of security concerns of member states, these should never trample upon the respect of Human Dignity. I will work towards a bold and creative strategy that seeks the right balance between protecting the rights of EU citizens, ensuring demographic viability and cultural sustainability for Europe, whilst ensuring assistance to and acceptance of migrants.

Integral ecology

Environmental and economic challenges are inseparable. The cause of environmental degradation is not population growth but rather extreme consumerism and global social injustice. Environmental degradation effects worst the poorer. As stewards of God’s creation, we commit ourselves to promote actions that place humanity and nature in harmony. I will strive to contribute towards a European policy founded on the preferential option for the poor, solidarity with the more vulnerable, the common good and the intergenerational responsibility for our ecology.

Digitalisation at the service of people

Taking back control of our lives in the face of digitalisation implies decisions to make economy and finance better serve the people, especially the most vulnerable. Digitalisation has an impact on all and everything we know (the future of work, protection of personal data, the multiple uses of artificial intelligence). I will work towards the creation of policies that ensue that new emerging technologies preserve the centrality of the human person and channels these positive developments within a solid ethical framework.

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