A number of reactions to the Manifesto “Rebuilding community in Europe” A manifesto for the European Parliament Election 25th May 2019 Promoted by Cana Movement, Catholic Voices Malta and the Commission for Justice and Peace

A number of reactions received from Candidates to the Manifesto: “Rebuilding community in Europe”, a manifesto for the European Parliament Election 25th May 2019.  Promoted by Cana Movement, Catholic Voices Malta and the Commission for Justice and Peace.

(in the order received)

Micheal Brigoglio – PN

I fully endorse your manifesto.

Carmel Cacopardo – in the name of AD

I thank you

The Alternattiva Demokratika manifesto has been issued some weeks ago and you can find this here link: http://www.alternattiva.org.mt/2point3/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/AD_Ahdar-ir-Risposta.pdf

Arnold Cassola – Independent

I note the points that you have emphasised and quote a verbatim: ” Europe needs to rediscover its common identity and be protective of persons, families, and cultures, especially the poor and most vulnerable. We need MEPS that promote the founding values of the EU, committed towards human dignity for all, subsidiarity and active citizen engagement.

Families and demography need to be placed at the centre of mainstream European politics, especially young families. We need MEPs that promote Life from conception to natural end, that address the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and foster a culture of integral ecology. We also need MEPs that work towards a renewed effort to find effective and shared solutions concerning migration, asylum, integration and demography.”

I consider myself a lay politician and that there should be a clear political separation between religion and state.

However, when I read the points you listed, I nearly surprise myself in finding that I wholly agree with all of them. This means that when one looks at the common good there is little difference between secular people and Catholics.

Therefore, I openly acknowledge that in the European political group that I will associate myself and work with I will endeavour to promote these mentioned objectives, including the few ones that most of the political group to which I will belongs are not in agreement with me.

In fact, my purpose is to form part of the Greens, as an independent, on the agreed condition that on issues of conscience (e.g. abortion; surrogacy) I will be free to work and to act according to my conscience and views, independent of the views and will of most of the Group.

Godfrey Farrugia – In the name of PD

Thank you for the document.

PD is built on the values of the Maltese and Europeans. We will continue working to strengthen them.

Felix Busuttil – PL

Thank you so much for contacting me – I do come from strong Catholic backgrounds. I myself for two years have had serious intentions to become God’s servant and wish to remain so – in my faults and in my doubts, I have strong faith in humanity and wish to see God placed one more within the realms of politics. I uphold your manifesto and can only wish love, respect, dignity and life for all.

Keep up the good work.

Peter Agius – PN

I strongly appreciate the initiative you have taken which in my opinion is an original contribution to how we can apply Christian values in politics at European level.

I agree without reservation to the 12 values that you presented and that I have reflected upon in detail. I also appreciated the perspective applied in the case of children’s education and the digitalisation that I am sure will be the challenges of the future.

I also believe that we need to apply more effectively article 17 on the freedom of conscience and this actively rather than in a passive manner.

I also believe that we need politicians who make it clear that their political engagement is guided by Christian values. This I have made clear myself on several occasions and in the priority points (that I have called results) of my programme, if elected.

The Manifesto

Rebuilding community in Europe, a manifesto for the European Parliament Election 25th May 2019

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