Nibnu Darna Fuq il-Blat

‘Nibnu Darna fuq il-Blat’

Rents, affordability and poverty

Catholic Voices Malta Colloquium

Housing, affordability and poverty are becoming more pressing issues, with increasing signs that Malta’s economy is growing asymmetrically. As a result, many families are being marginalised and impoverished because they cannot afford appropriate housing that allows them to live with dignity. This is not only true for vulnerable family units, but also for young couples planning to form new families.

Catholic Voices Malta is organising its first public seminar on this topic. This will take the form of a Colloquium that will focus on the effect the rapid rise in housing prices is having on social cohesion, social justice and families in Malta.

During the Colloquium ARQ Group will launch a study of the rental market and the impact on various income groups, taking into account a number of economic factors. A number of experts in the sector will then respond to this study, after which the discussion will be open to the floor. The experts include:

  • Joseph Bartolo, Alleanza Kontra il-Faqar
  • Simon Debono, Secretary General, Federation of Estate Agents
  • Anthony Gatt, Director, Caritas Director
  • Leonid McKay, CEO, Housing Authority
  • Simone Vella Lenicker, Vice President, Kamra tal-Periti
  • Tonio Fenech, Coordinator, Catholic Voices

The Hon. Rodrick Galdes Parliamentary Secretary for Social Accommodation will also be present for the Colloquium and participate in the debate.

The Colloquium is entitled: ‘Nibnu Darna fuq il-Blat’.

Date Saturday 17th November 2018
Time 9.30 – 11.30 a.m.
Venue St Aloysius College VI Form, College Street, Birkirkara

The Colloquium is kindly sponsored by ARQ Group.

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